We are located at 1115 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd Atlanta, GA 30310. Our operating hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Services are available on demand, and you can reach us by phone, text, or walk-in. We also offer virtual services. For more information, call us at (404) 500-3726.

 Currently, we offer a Day Program and Housing Assistance. To enroll in either program, participants will meet with our Intake Specialist and provide proof of RPR (rapid plasma reagin) and PPD (tuberculosis) tests upon acceptance. Participants have up to thirty days to complete this requirement, and we can assist in obtaining these tests if needed.

 Our Day Program offers various classes such as Recovery Dynamics, Recovery Stage Model, Trauma Recovery, Life Skills, Budgeting, Substance Abuse Coping Skills, Step Study Basics, Assertive Communication in Recovery, and Fun in Recovery. Group subjects evolve and are available on demand, either in person or via Zoom. To enroll in classes or speak with a recovery coach, please contact us.

 At Here’s to Life, we follow a Harm Reduction approach. While alcohol/substance use is not permitted during groups or in our housing program, having a relapse outside of our property may not result in dismissal from the program.

 For our SACES day program, we accommodate various schedules with classes held at different times, both in person and virtually. In our housing program, participants can begin searching for employment after completing the 120-day emergency housing phase.

 Harm reduction, as defined by SAMSHA, is a practical and transformative approach that incorporates community-driven public health strategies to empower individuals who use drugs with the choice to lead healthy, self-directed lives.

Feel free to call us during operating hours or visit our website to contact a recovery coach directly.

Regardless of HIV status, you are eligible for our services. Our outreach program, The Brothaz Helping Brothaz, targets MSMOC and Heterosexual Men of Color in the Atlanta area, aiming to provide support, education, and linkage to care.

Gregory R. Smith
/ Director

Charles Shackleford
/ Program Assistant

Reggie Spencer
/ Housing Manager

Alicia Brown
/ Intake Specialist

Archie Harrell
/ Recovery Coach/Residential Assistant

Eddie Alexander
/ Service Plan Coordinator

Indida Birto
/ Recovery Coach

Ryan Hunt
/ Recovery Coach

Ryan Hunt
/ Information