The mission of Here’s to Life, Inc. is to eradicate the suffering brought on by the substance use disorders in adults and youth in metropolitan Atlanta by providing individualized addiction and other behavioral health counseling services and education.


We believe in the following tenets and embraces them fully as guides in offering care to our community:

  1. All people are entitled to the absolute best care.
  2. All people deserve to be treated fairly, and with respect and dignity.
  3. All people can find their value, self-worth, and purpose in life if they are guided in the proper direction and given assistance.
  4. All people can derive some healing from a healthy, focused concern of caring for others.
  5. All people are worthy of the love and compassion of fellow human beings unconditionally.

We will always endeavor to be a source of meaningful inspiration and strength for those we directly or indirectly serve.

Gregory R. Smith
/ Director

Charles Shackleford
/ Program Assistant

Brandon Evans
/ Recovery Coach

Alicia Brown
/ Intake Specialist

Archie Harrell
/ Recovery Coach/Residential Assistant


Vincent Onabanjo
/ Service Plan Coordinator


Adam Hawkins
/ Housing Manager


Greg Amos, Board President
Charles Shackleford, Secretary
Pat Brown, Treasurer
Curtis Law
Jackie Patterson